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Why Do People Procrastinate?

Procrastination is a vice you definitely need to learn to deal with. It can single-handedly destroy your whole career and make you wonder as to where your life went awry. There are so many people out there who could have become an emblem of success, but they never bothered to getting procrastination help and ended up being rather mediocre in their life.

So, what essentially is procrastination? Let us get down to the specifics first.

The Dynamics Of Procrastination

Procrastination mainly refers to the habit of postponing things unnecessarily or leaving them mid-way and not accomplishing them. It is a major bottleneck in your way to success and can be a whopping cause of failure.

The Causes For Procrastination

Of course, procrastination can be attributed to several factors. If you want to know how to stop procrastination, you first need to be familiar with the key reasons that cause it. So, let us familiarize you with those.

Behavioral Aspects

Some of us have a tendency to be lazy and lack the right focus and attentive span. Such people are much more likely to fall prey to procrastination. Their lack of motivation and inherent ability to leave things even before they are done with it makes them guilty of procrastination.

Vague Goals

When you do not set clear and demarcated goals in life, you are much more likely to feel wayward and lack the right sense of direction. In order to beat procrastination, it is important to first have a clear and segregated goal sheet in mind. It could have simple things like exercise every 30 minutes in the morning and even bigger goals like accomplish 15% growth in the third quarter of this financial year. Of course, the bigger goals will have to be broken into smaller ones to ensure you work on it.

Wavering Mind

Some of us have a wavering mind. If you have no control over your mind, it might sway from one thing to the other and you will find yourself swamped with a hundred started activities but your accomplishment might be nil. When you are seeking procrastination help, you will have to train your mind first.

Now that you know the underlying causes, start working on ways to stop procrastinating. I stumbled upon this video which taught me how to deal with procrastination. I am sure you too can gather plenty of helpful pointers from it and implement it in your routine.

Why Should We Hire You? How to Establish Yourself?

What is your objective?

When you are asked regarding your objective, keep in mind how your objective and the enterprise desires traverse. Analyze the enterprise and exercise your response in the mirror. Do so briefly and undoubtedly: “My goals and my purpose are to be a teacher with many published courses on the subject that will benefit my college students. My previous studies have allowed me to create my first writing plan and a college course on this subject. I am hoping your corporation will profit from this.”



How to establish yourself?

Exercise in-depth respiration before the interview, so that you can sense calmness and rooted during the time to establish yourself. Keep an eye and thank the hiring manager to meet up with you. When you are requested to answer “tell me about yourself?”, Just give the work-related information which you conduct the interview. For instance, “What a delight to meet up with you! Thanks for giving a wonderful time today, I am an expert who has specialized in software engineering and consultant for six years.”

For more additional info about how to answer why should we hire you? You may check this YouTube video:

Fortitude and weak point

Ask questions regarding your strengths and weaknesses with a growth mentality. The candidate should not point out flaws that make seem reckless or undecided. As an alternative, consider yourself as a champion of development and communicate regarding weaknesses as regions of improvement and speak what you did to overcome or improve it. Be sincere, direct to the point and pleasant. For instance, I can establish useful and robust personal relationships with my customers and their work with empathy. I grew in my capability to expose myself and increase the workload. A week ago, I was present at the seminar that taught me a way to improve the number of my social networks to gather customers who will advantage from my offerings. I am hoping this may assist extraordinary as many humans as viable. ”


Why should we hire you?

Whilst the interviewer asks “why should we hire you?”. They want to apprehend how this function/job can gain each the organization and the candidate. Spend time getting ready for a clear imaginative and prescient of your lifestyles intention so that you can companion your reaction with your organization. For instance, you are seeking out a person who virtually cares regarding the pleasure and activities of the sick person, and the motive of my lifestyles is to proportion love and pleasure with the aged, particularly with dementia. “In leasing me, you obtain someone who is a passionate person like me. I feel delighted and pride, due to the fact each day I live my reason.

Tell Me About Yourself: Typical Interview Questions

It is one of the typical interview questions “tell me about yourself”. Your answer will set the tone for the relaxation of the conversation without strain! This question may be paralyzing, leaving you to surprise what the interviewer needs without a doubt. Does the interviewer want to know what you probably did in your gig? Your sensitive expertise? How did you name your dog? In truth, none of the above.


Here’s a small mystery: while an interviewer says “tell me about yourself,” the interviewer virtually desires to know how your experience applies to the job he is interviewing.

Michael was terrified of this question. While asking for the first time in the interview, he gives a vague answer without concentrating on what he should do in a job.


“I am happily married and initially from Denver,” he began. “My wife moved here three months ago, and I established our new home, now I’m geared up to head back to work, I have worked in an assortment of jobs, generally related to Programming, I am seeking out an organization that offers growth possibilities. ”


The interview came down afterwards. He commenced with personal statistics and gave the interviewer a purpose to doubt whether or not he changed into an employee who might have lagged for a long term.


He is married, and when he transfers her wife, he has to move; he did it once, and he can do it again.

He has some experience with Programming, but he didn’t explain it.

He is looking for growth possibilities. What about the task his inquiring? Will he be satisfied for a long term?


For more additional information, go to this YouTube video about how to answer tell me about yourself for experienced.

Additional Answers Preparation

No matter what the enterprise you’re in or at what stage of your profession you are: The interviewer is harrowing every time. The best retaining your anxiety is to create the answers earlier.



Practice your script till you approximately feel assured what you want to emphasize in your declaration. Your state of affairs will assist you to stay on the right track. However, you do not want to sound like a news reporter or a robotic. You need to call naturally, as a genuine character that humans would like to have inside the next cabin or speak in a happy hour.


Even if you do not ask for such questions to start the interview, this training will help your recognition of what you have to provide. You’ll also discover that you may use the statistics on this exercise that will help you answer other questions. The more you may speak about your product, the more likely you are to promote it.

A Guide For Writing Thank You Emails

Should you send a thank you email after the job interview? While it’s not a requirement, sending a thank you email is something ideal to do. This gesture is a small way of increasing your chances of landing the job. How much do you want this job opportunity? Do your best to use each chance you get to establish yourself as the best candidate.

In this article, we will talk about the simple rules for writing thank you emails that a hiring manager will really appreciate. Take note, we do not recommend sending a generic thank you email that you can simply copy from email templates. We will discuss the guidelines for crafting a thank you email that contains real value. This is the kind of email that helps you, even in a small way, to get the job. For more job interview tips, head over to The Career Mastery. Gain expert advice on how to take your career to the next level.

Timing is important

Yes, timing matters a lot in sending a thank you email. Your hiring manager should be able to receive your letter at the earliest possible time following the job interview. If possible, send it on the same day. It should be sent not more than a day after your meeting. Now, why is this important? It matters because your timing implies a few things. It shows whether you take this job application seriously or not. It also shows that you have dedicated some time and effort in crafting this correspondence. In this case, “better late than never” is not applicable. What message does it convey if you send the letter after three days? Some hiring managers might think that you probably had some free time and had nothing better to do. It can make you look sloppy. So, consider timing as an important factor in sending a thank you email.

Ethical bribe

What is an ethical bribe? It is the value that you add in your thank you email. After the interview, you will probably have an idea of what topics the hiring manager might be interested in. Their designation and the nature of the business will give you some ideas too. Now, what should you do with this information? Do your best to offer them something that’s related those topics. There are many resources on the internet that you can share with them. Present it in a proper way.

Check the content

After expressing your appreciation for the meeting that took place, what else should you say? We have already mentioned the ethical bribe – an added resource that offers value. Okay, so what else is there to write? You can affirm good points that took place in the interview. Another thing you can do is to express your enthusiasm in being a part of their company and contributing your specific skills to the specific department that you’re applying for. However, be careful not to go overboard. This is not the time to talk about your achievements and qualifications. You’ve already done that in your interview. Don’t make it look like you’re being too pushy and irrationally persistent.


Seeking Employment: Doing Things Differently

A successful job search is characterized by landing a fair amount of interviews and maybe scoring a few job offers within a decent period of time. If you have been sending many applications but are not getting approached for interviews, then maybe you are doing something wrong. What is your current strategy for finding a job? Are you confident that you are using the best methods for seeking employment? There are many ways to get employed. Sometimes, it’s all in a matter of timing and tapping into the right resources.

Knowing what to look for

Before you embark on a job hunt, spend some time to review your options. Develop a clear idea of what kind of job you would like to have. Do you want to join a small startup or a large corporation? Do you want a job that is similar to your last one or do you want to make a change? Is it time to change industries? Think about the future too. Are you looking for a long-term job where you can establish your career? Or are you looking for a short-term job where you can develop your skills before transferring to your ideal role? Listing down these criteria will help you filter and narrow down your choices. It will also help you focus on the opportunities that really matter so you can avoid wasting your time on the ones that you feel unsure about. You can check out some of of the best tips on Deniz videos on YouTube like assertiveness training which can definitely guide you in an apt manner.

Knowing where to look

So now that you have a clear idea of what you want and what you don’t want in a job, what’s next? It’s time to look for those opportunities. But where should you look for them? If you have a list of organizations that you want to work for, then that’s where you should begin. Check their websites for job opportunities. You can also build your network in LinkedIn and stay tuned for new vacancies. If you have connections in your industry of choice, then consider meeting up or reaching out to them to discuss potential opportunities. Go out there and explore your resources. You don’t need to limit yourself to job boards and online portals. Be a bit more aggressive in your job search and make yourself noticeable to employers.

Knowing the right approach

Most organizations have a specific online application system that they use for finding candidates. However, do your best to see if you can reach out to their hiring managers or recruiters instead. This way, you can be sure that someone will be reviewing your application. If you have the option of directly submitting your application to the hiring manager or internal recruiter, then by all means, choose this option. You can also connect with these recruiters on LinkedIn and properly introduce yourself. Knowing how to communicate well is also vital in having a successful job search.

Feel free to try different methods and to be creative in your job search. As long as you remain truthful and professional, there’s no harm in trying different things that could work for you. Always give your 100% in everything and grab those opportunities.

Easy Ways To Practice English

Are you looking to advance your English skills? If you’re a beginner or intermediate learner, then there are so many simple ways that you can do to become better at English.

English proficiency is not only about being able to have a conversation in English. If you want to be proficient, you need to have excellent skills in reading, writing, and speaking. Some people are better at one area than the others and that’s okay. But remember that when you’re learning English or how to speak fluent English, you need to cover all abilities.


Good grammar is a must. Having a near-native accent is useless if you don’t know how to follow correct grammar rules. You can further develop your grammar knowledge through online lessons. There are many resources at your disposal. Find one that is best suited to your level of proficiency. Some course providers allow you to take a level test prior to signing up. This is a good option because the lessons are optimized according to your needs. Knowing the basic grammar rules is absolutely essential. You can also try reading in your free time. Take note how sentences are constructed.

Reading and comprehension

To improve your comprehension skills, turn reading into an active learning activity. Ask yourself questions and write about your thoughts. You can ask questions like: What did I learn from this book or article? Why was it written? What was the goal of the writer? What is the main idea of this piece? If it’s possible, ask someone to check your work and let them evaluate your answers.


Writing can be a fun practice. If you would like to improve your English writing skills, then why not start a journal or a blog? Choose to write about how your day went. Write about topics that interest you. Don’t pressure yourself to write like an experienced journalist or novelist especially if you are not. You will make mistakes and it will not be perfect. But this is why you practice, right? Once you turn this into a habit, you will notice your gradual improvement.


Speaking well in English requires correct pronunciation and an understandable accent. Some accents are thick and that makes it difficult for the speaker to speak in English with confidence. But let me tell you this, a thick accent is something that you can’t get rid of. Maybe not completely. But it is highly possible to improve it so that people can understand you better when you speak. Remember that your goal here is to sound understandable, and not to speak with a fake American or British accent. You need to become familiar with how words are pronounced correctly in English. You can begin by watching movies and videos. Speeches are also helpful. Find videos where the pace of the speech is slow enough for you to observe and understand. If you are having difficulty with a particular sound or syllable, then look for pronunciation and accent training videos that are made specifically for non-native speakers. You can also check our previous article and tips about be a step closer to that job offer, we are sure that you will learn a lot from it.

Finding And Creating Opportunities

Everybody wants to find and seize the best opportunities for their career. It’s not an easy process, but it pays off once you land a job that you’ve worked so hard to find and get. However, not everyone is lucky enough to find the best opportunities for them. There are times when people just settle for whatever’s available. They take jobs that are so-so because it’s better than being unemployed.

There are many things that can hinder you from the best opportunities. Competition is one. Sometimes, it’s the things that we can’t really do something about. For example, location. It’s not always possible to relocate to a different country or region just to try out for a really attractive opportunity. Not everyone has the capacity to do that.

People miss really good opportunities for various reasons. But that should not discourage you. If you missed out on an amazing job opportunity, then just move on and find another. There are many great career opportunities out there. You just need perseverance and strategy. Chances are, you will not be so lucky on your first try. That’s a part of life. Career progression is a continuous learning experience. You will have to work hard to find the best opportunity for you and attain it. We will recommend checking out Deniz’s LIG program as he has listed some of the best tips which can definitely help you and click that link.

Finding the best job opportunity for you may seem like a long and endless road. You keep looking but sometimes there’s just nothing that matches your career goals and expectations. It can be very frustrating. The best way to handle this situation is to look at other options. It does not mean that you have to give up on your goals. You simply have to look at other opportunities and determine how they can help you attain the opportunity you want. For example, if you can’t seem to land an opportunity to interview for a permanent position at a multinational company, then try other paths. Maybe you can begin as a consultant. Or maybe you can try gaining further experience in another organization to build your credibility.

Another roadblock in finding opportunities is not exploring other means of finding them. It is ideal to have a network of connections that you can use to find opportunities. These connections can be your bridge to the best opportunities. Try to find out if someone in your network can introduce you to someone in the organization that you want to work for. See if they can give you a recommendation as well. These methods may not be well-known to a lot of people, but they can be an effective way of finding really good career opportunities.

It’s alright if you don’t have a lot of connections. There is still something that you can do. Have you ever considered using a letter of interest? This correspondence is addressed to the hiring manager of the organization that you’re planning to apply to.

Sometimes, you need to be aggressive in finding opportunities. You have to put yourself out there and use the resources at your disposal. It will also help if you know how to make opportunities for yourself. Enhance your employability. Instead of waiting for doors to open, take action and open the doors of opportunities for yourself.

Be A Step Closer To That Job Offer

Convincing a hiring manager to choose you over your competition is quite tricky. Of course, you do not want to seem overconfident. But at the same time, you do not want to play it safe and appear too modest.

Be prepared with a good strategy if you have an upcoming job interview. In this article, we will discuss an effective approach that you can use to convince the hiring manager that you are the best candidate for the job.

Skills and experience

The first thing that you want to establish is that your skills and experience suit the job. This is probably the most important requirement for most hiring managers. You need to become familiar with the specific things that they are looking for. Do they want an employee who has certain special skills? Maybe they want someone with experience in certain types of projects? Go into detail and relate your qualifications to what is described in the job description. You can also visit this page as it has some of the most important tips which we believe can be handy for you.

Results and achievements

A hiring manager will always look for a candidate that can deliver great results. Be prepared to talk about your notable achievements in your previous or current job. Illustrate your capacities by discussing them in a logical manner. First, describe the situation or the project. What was the goal or objective of the project that you handled? Second, talk about your tasks. What were you required to do? What was your designation? Third, discuss the actions you’ve taken. What was your plan of action? What hard skills and soft skills did you apply? Finally, quantify the results. Discuss the results that you have achieved and the impact it made to your company. Your goal here is to demonstrate your best skills and expertise.

Culture fit

These days, culture fit is becoming more and more important. We are not robots. Employees are not machines that can be programmed to do a task in an automatic way. Culture fit is important because a company culture is an important aspect of the workplace. It’s what allows the employees to work together in a cohesive way. It makes the workplace a healthy and social environment. It has been said that job and tasks can be taught, but a good culture fit is hard to find. Before a job interview, do a bit of research and see if you like the company culture. See how you will fit there. Do you agree to their values and working style? Do you think you will enjoy working there? You should do your best to show your personality to the hiring manager. Mention your best character traits and how it relates to the company culture and values.

You can be one step closer to getting that job offer if you know how to market yourself. Discuss all the important points during an interview. And remember, don’t try to act like someone you’re not. Good luck!

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