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Single Hand Communication Ltd (SHC) have developed a range of simple to use and easy to learn sign language resources that have been specially designed for anyone who has suffered partial paralysis and/or speech loss due to a stroke, brain injury or throat/mouth surgery.

The signs are of particular use for anyone who suffers from aphasia (an impairment of language and speech) or who for other reasons have difficulty in communicating by speech alone, to boost communication between themselves and their families or carers.

Developed by deaf and hearing specialists to aid support, restore dignity and enable clearer communication, in either a home or nursing environment, this new system of one-handed communication serves as a clear and easy to use system for hearing-to-hearing individuals, families and carers alike.

In large format, colour and descriptive style, the SHC system, which includes an over the bed laminated table mat for easy prompting and a pack of 54 colour prompt cards, include a wide range of words for personal, medical, instructions and wants/needs.

SHC also has the potential to be utilised in other fields such as neurological disorders, post-operatively following mouth/throat surgery and in palliative care.   The system is also being translated into many different languages to aid thousands of people throughout the world.

If you would like more information about the system, our courses and products, please contact us via this website using the 'contact us' page.

BBC Radio Wales Louise Elliott Interview

with Derek Tune-14th February 2013

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Dell and Jan Tune have written an interesting article for the group My Ageing Parent about the vaslues of the Single Hand cards for communicating with elderly people.  You can read the article on the My Ageing Parent by clicking on the link below. 











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