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A Guide For Writing Thank You Emails

A Guide For Writing Thank You Emails

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Should you send a thank you email after the job interview? While it’s not a requirement, sending a thank you email is something ideal to do. This gesture is a small way of increasing your chances of landing the job. How much do you want this job opportunity? Do your best to use each chance you get to establish yourself as the best candidate.

In this article, we will talk about the simple rules for writing thank you emails that a hiring manager will really appreciate. Take note, we do not recommend sending a generic thank you email that you can simply copy from email templates. We will discuss the guidelines for crafting a thank you email that contains real value. This is the kind of email that helps you, even in a small way, to get the job. For more job interview tips, head over to The Career Mastery. Gain expert advice on how to take your career to the next level.

Timing is important

Yes, timing matters a lot in sending a thank you email. Your hiring manager should be able to receive your letter at the earliest possible time following the job interview. If possible, send it on the same day. It should be sent not more than a day after your meeting. Now, why is this important? It matters because your timing implies a few things. It shows whether you take this job application seriously or not. It also shows that you have dedicated some time and effort in crafting this correspondence. In this case, “better late than never” is not applicable. What message does it convey if you send the letter after three days? Some hiring managers might think that you probably had some free time and had nothing better to do. It can make you look sloppy. So, consider timing as an important factor in sending a thank you email.

Ethical bribe

What is an ethical bribe? It is the value that you add in your thank you email. After the interview, you will probably have an idea of what topics the hiring manager might be interested in. Their designation and the nature of the business will give you some ideas too. Now, what should you do with this information? Do your best to offer them something that’s related those topics. There are many resources on the internet that you can share with them. Present it in a proper way.

Check the content

After expressing your appreciation for the meeting that took place, what else should you say? We have already mentioned the ethical bribe – an added resource that offers value. Okay, so what else is there to write? You can affirm good points that took place in the interview. Another thing you can do is to express your enthusiasm in being a part of their company and contributing your specific skills to the specific department that you’re applying for. However, be careful not to go overboard. This is not the time to talk about your achievements and qualifications. You’ve already done that in your interview. Don’t make it look like you’re being too pushy and irrationally persistent.


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