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Easy Ways To Practice English

Easy Ways To Practice English

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Are you looking to advance your English skills? If you’re a beginner or intermediate learner, then there are so many simple ways that you can do to become better at English.

English proficiency is not only about being able to have a conversation in English. If you want to be proficient, you need to have excellent skills in reading, writing, and speaking. Some people are better at one area than the others and that’s okay. But remember that when you’re learning English or how to speak fluent English, you need to cover all abilities.


Good grammar is a must. Having a near-native accent is useless if you don’t know how to follow correct grammar rules. You can further develop your grammar knowledge through online lessons. There are many resources at your disposal. Find one that is best suited to your level of proficiency. Some course providers allow you to take a level test prior to signing up. This is a good option because the lessons are optimized according to your needs. Knowing the basic grammar rules is absolutely essential. You can also try reading in your free time. Take note how sentences are constructed.

Reading and comprehension

To improve your comprehension skills, turn reading into an active learning activity. Ask yourself questions and write about your thoughts. You can ask questions like: What did I learn from this book or article? Why was it written? What was the goal of the writer? What is the main idea of this piece? If it’s possible, ask someone to check your work and let them evaluate your answers.


Writing can be a fun practice. If you would like to improve your English writing skills, then why not start a journal or a blog? Choose to write about how your day went. Write about topics that interest you. Don’t pressure yourself to write like an experienced journalist or novelist especially if you are not. You will make mistakes and it will not be perfect. But this is why you practice, right? Once you turn this into a habit, you will notice your gradual improvement.


Speaking well in English requires correct pronunciation and an understandable accent. Some accents are thick and that makes it difficult for the speaker to speak in English with confidence. But let me tell you this, a thick accent is something that you can’t get rid of. Maybe not completely. But it is highly possible to improve it so that people can understand you better when you speak. Remember that your goal here is to sound understandable, and not to speak with a fake American or British accent. You need to become familiar with how words are pronounced correctly in English. You can begin by watching movies and videos. Speeches are also helpful. Find videos where the pace of the speech is slow enough for you to observe and understand. If you are having difficulty with a particular sound or syllable, then look for pronunciation and accent training videos that are made specifically for non-native speakers. You can also check our previous article and tips about be a step closer to that job offer, we are sure that you will learn a lot from it.

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