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Seeking Employment: Doing Things Differently

Seeking Employment: Doing Things Differently

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A successful job search is characterized by landing a fair amount of interviews and maybe scoring a few job offers within a decent period of time. If you have been sending many applications but are not getting approached for interviews, then maybe you are doing something wrong. What is your current strategy for finding a job? Are you confident that you are using the best methods for seeking employment? There are many ways to get employed. Sometimes, it’s all in a matter of timing and tapping into the right resources.

Knowing what to look for

Before you embark on a job hunt, spend some time to review your options. Develop a clear idea of what kind of job you would like to have. Do you want to join a small startup or a large corporation? Do you want a job that is similar to your last one or do you want to make a change? Is it time to change industries? Think about the future too. Are you looking for a long-term job where you can establish your career? Or are you looking for a short-term job where you can develop your skills before transferring to your ideal role? Listing down these criteria will help you filter and narrow down your choices. It will also help you focus on the opportunities that really matter so you can avoid wasting your time on the ones that you feel unsure about. You can check out some of of the best tips on Deniz videos on YouTube like assertiveness training which can definitely guide you in an apt manner.

Knowing where to look

So now that you have a clear idea of what you want and what you don’t want in a job, what’s next? It’s time to look for those opportunities. But where should you look for them? If you have a list of organizations that you want to work for, then that’s where you should begin. Check their websites for job opportunities. You can also build your network in LinkedIn and stay tuned for new vacancies. If you have connections in your industry of choice, then consider meeting up or reaching out to them to discuss potential opportunities. Go out there and explore your resources. You don’t need to limit yourself to job boards and online portals. Be a bit more aggressive in your job search and make yourself noticeable to employers.

Knowing the right approach

Most organizations have a specific online application system that they use for finding candidates. However, do your best to see if you can reach out to their hiring managers or recruiters instead. This way, you can be sure that someone will be reviewing your application. If you have the option of directly submitting your application to the hiring manager or internal recruiter, then by all means, choose this option. You can also connect with these recruiters on LinkedIn and properly introduce yourself. Knowing how to communicate well is also vital in having a successful job search.

Feel free to try different methods and to be creative in your job search. As long as you remain truthful and professional, there’s no harm in trying different things that could work for you. Always give your 100% in everything and grab those opportunities.

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